Welcome to HYER, we're currently working on a better "About" section so you'll think the person who started this business is cool enough, and will therefore be inclined to spend your money on clothes she designed. It may take a while, because she'll probably be working on a million things at once, honestly; so we appreciate your patience while we get everything set up here. In the meantime, what we can do is make some suggestions to improve your quality of life. 

1. We suggest not writing an about section while there's people around. It's hard. 

2. Take the Moosejaw spirit animal quiz. Trust us.

3. Eat more red meat, it'll make you happy.

4. Or eat less red meat, it's not really that healthy I guess.

5. Buy stuff from HYER. It's all designed to be worn a lot, be well loved, and fit into your current wardrobe. And the person designing this stuff is, like, suuuuuuper cool.