Made | Grainline Studio Scout

It's a little after midnight here and I've just realized that it's been a couple weeks since I posted a blog. That's not a huge deal, really, but I knew that if I didn't do it now it wasn't going to get done and I probably wouldn't post for a while. I'm a huge procrastinator. So without delay, here's the world's simplest t-shirt. It's the scout pattern by Grainline Studio (who I highly recommend following on instagram, she's pretty awesome).  I actually bought the same Marc Jacobs rayon she used for her scout so I won't go into much (read: any) detail on construction. So there's that. I'm also not really going to address whatever's going on with my hair here,  just know that I do notice it. 


In other news:

I'm aiming to have a couple of things in the shop by the end of the week. When I say a couple of things I mean I really haven't made more than one of each thing because I want to gauge the response before I make more copies of each item. For the time being it's just a couple of shirts and pillows, and I hope you guys like them. I'm also really, really hoping that if I put my personal deadline on the internet then I will actually DO IT.  

There's this song, which I think everyone should give a chance. Until my spotify trial ran out I was listening to it all the time. 

Images by Haley Sheffield