Made | By Hand London Elisalex (PT II)

Heyyy you guys! 

I was having a pretty hard time figuring out what to post today. It's one of those days where I just really don't want to look at a million photos of myself and write about them and you know. So here I am, posting a blog about a dress I made for a super cool friend. 

So everyone, meet Melody:

She's a super talented and beautiful friend who also happened to make my website and logo. I made her this dress in return. 


The dress is the BHL Elisalex in a size 2, with no modifications other than hacking a whole fourteen inches off the bottom of the skirt. The pattern for this dress is amazing and I don't fully understand it. I'm pretty sure it's magic. It seems to fit everyone perfectly right off. 


THIS Elisalex though...totally different story (so many modifications). First of all, the skirt pattern is the Sigma. I didn't take any length off of this one because the skirt is already pretty short as is. This dress is actually mine (you may have been able to tell, given that it's not pressed, and it's a bit big on Melody, etc. But it's alright, and I was over having a camera in my face. [the lovely friend who took these photos persevered through me being difficult though. She's a champ]).

This was my first attempt at dying my own fabric. It's an ice dyed silk noil, I love the way it turned out and this is probably my all time favorite fabric now. Or it's a toss up between this and crepe de chine. Who knows. This was ALSO my first attempt at rouleau straps (easier than I thought, took an embarrassingly long time to do at first though), an exposed zipper (also probably easier than I thought, but I haven't attempted it again since), and pattern hacking in general. I know that I didn't use their dress pattern to do this, but I really don't think I would've even attempted if it weren't for Garmenter, so I feel like I should give some credit here. I can't wait til her jacket pattern is available.  

Images by Haley Sheffield