Made | Lopapeysa Take Two

Guys, I feel like it is an indisputable fact that everyone is partial to fair isle. Not the actual Isle, although I'm sure that's nice too, but I mean the knitting technique. I don't really say this lightly either, in the way that I would say "everyone likes a scooped back dress" - though I think that could very well be true - or "everyone likes Arcade Fire". I know that EVERYONE will not like the stuff that I like, but the only reason I'm saying this is because I have noticed, or really I mean it's impossible not to notice, that everywhere I've posted a fair isle sweater it has done astronomically better than anything else. This was my most pinned thing on pinterest, it has been saved like a million times on ravelry (hyperbole), it did really well on facebook... let's talk in person compliments now - for every comment I receive on my velvet Elisalex or Briar tunics I get like, five comments on the fair isle sweaters.

All of that to say, as much as I reject being in the masses, I gladly join them in this. Because I, without shame, REALLY like fair isle stuff. So this is actually my second version of this sweater. I changed it up a bit this time: I didn't decrease at the neckline, instead I just knit six round and I let the edge roll. I got used to the last sweater eventually but I did hate that I felt like I was choking when I wore it. I also used a different kind of yarn. For the first four lopi sweaters I did I actually used lett lopi yarn, but as much as I love it I did not love paying the cost for shipping, and it's not the ideal yarn for Georgia (too hot) and you also have to take great care so that it doesn't break. I have so many holes around the underarms of that blue sweater. This time I spent about thirty minutes for each arm reenforcing it. If I get any holes in this one you guys can probably find me in a corner somewhere, crying. 


I probably won't wear this sweater to do anything to strenuous this year, but maybe next year, once it's lost its novelty, I'll actually wear it to do a real hike. In the meantime you guys can appreciate a little bit of Georgia's landscape. I used to hate it (I was constantly comparing it to upstate NY, which is a different beast entirely), but I've really grown to love it. I think Georgia has it's own, specific kind of beauty. 

Other things....

If you follow me on instagram, you may have noticed that I've been MIA. The reason for that is that I got pretty sick at the beginning of last week, and as soon as it faded I was scheduled to start a new job. Since I'll be moving for that, I don't know how much sewing/photographing I'll be able to do, but I have made a really wearable muslin of my jeans (!!!) and another thing or two that I'm really excited to show you guys. Soon!

I hope you guys are all having a great week!