Made | The Polar Night Jumper

I made another sweater for my shop. This one is really thick wool, and it's a nice seed stitch texture; I named it the Polar Night Jumper (after nothing in particular, other than reading about polar days and nights on wikipedia during the making). I tried to shoot it as close to sundown as I could, so the name would make sense, and because we don't actually have a polar night in Georgia. The version I've made for myself is a super dark green, and it's probably the coziest thing I own so I'm really excited to wear it this fall. It's kind of like I'm wearing a blanket - I think this is what snuggie was going for, but I feel much more appropriate wearing this in public than I would be in a snuggie. 

I'm showing you here a different way to style the sweater. Throw it round your back and wear it like a preppy kid would. You can also make it look mysterious, as I've shown above. Really, have fun with it.

Is there anything you guys are especially ready to wear this season? The South hasn't quite cooled down enough for sweaters yet, but I'm eagerly anticipating the days when I will be able to wear this or my fair isle sweaters again. Although, I do feel a bit sad since I may not get a last swim in before the weather turns...

Buy your own jumper here.